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overhead protection system for building construction



Directors Statement - Overhead Protection Systems

The objective of 4 Ken Pty Ltd is to overcome or substantially ameliorate one or more of the deficiencies in the current industry practices of erecting, extending, or, dismantling Class B Hoarding systems.

• The current techniques used in erecting, modifying, or dismantling Hoarding Modules, are potentially dangerous for those workers who are tasked.

• These workers are necessarily required to position themselves underneath a suspended structure installing columns in highly vulnerable positions.

• The workers must rely on the integrity of a crane and or related lifting equipment and operator during the process of erecting and dismantling a Class B Hoarding Module.  Regardless of this practice being non-compliant.

• The erection of a Class B Structural Steel Hoarding is very slow and costly. It delays the builder from being able to access the work face. Therefore, impacting on time related programs.

Keeping in mind the cost, disruption time to the public amenity, lost time not being able to access the work face, whist the Class B Hoarding is built or dismantled. 4 Ken Pty Ltd has developed a 10KPa Class B Hoarding that can be erected in a matter of hours, with clear spans of up to 16 meters.
At no time workers are placed at risk by being underneath a suspended structure.
It should be appreciated, however, that the system is not limited to this specific Class B Hoarding application being readily adaptable for use as a temporary bridge, elevated walkway or overpass to span roadways, rail networks and intersections with a minimum duty rating of 10KPa.

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