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scaffold ladder beam rollers


Safely cantilever scaffold bays while the scaffolders are fully encapsulated when installing and dismantling the scaffold.  No need for harnesses!

A scaffold bay can be punched out of the scaffold at any level with no need for safety harnesses and the scaffolders can work fully encapsulated through the whole process.

4 Ken in consultation with one of the leading Scaffold industry labour companies developed the Ladder Beam Roller System.

The installation is simple and efficient. There is no need for any risk as the work is carried out within the confines of a fully decked scaffold.


Roller System: Apparatus, system and method for erecting scaffolding
Official No.: 2012203856
Property Type: Standard Patent
Case Status: Pending (under examination)

Roller System: Apparatus, system and method for erecting scaffolding
Official No.: 2012101042
Property Type: Innovation Patent (Divisional)
Case Status: Granted & Certified

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ladder beam rollers
ladder beam rollers

ladder beam cords with safety fitting

Roller shown on top and bottom Ladder Beam cords with safety fitting.

ladder beam roller kits

Rollers shown on each Ladder Beam. 8 Rollers are provided in the Ladder Beam Roller Kit.


cantilevered bay using ladder beams safely and efficiently

Completed cantilevered bay using Ladder Beams safely and efficiently extended with 4 Ken Ladder Beam Rollers.

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